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If you are interested in joining or trying out the club please contact the president or a coach (see Contacts Page) We will arrange for a free assessment for your child and they can swim for two weeks free as a try out period. After that time they can decide if they want to join.

Note that swimmers graduating from Learn to Swim programs must be able to swim proficiently in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and have the beginnings of Butterfly.

The club sells a range of apparel at wholesale prices including fins, pull-buoys, paddles, snorkles, kickboards, and goggles. The club swimming cap and uniforms including polo top and hoodie may also be purchased.


Membership and training fees are set by the committee. Accounts are distributed at the beginning of each term and can be paid to the attendance steward or via direct debit. Contact the Club Treasurer for more details.

The swimming season runs from 1 October - 30 September of each year.

Annual Club Membership

The Annual Club Membership fee is charged at the beginning of each club year and contributes to the following costs:

  • Building/property Insurance
  • Hire of facilities for Club events eg AGM, Club Champs, Long distance time trial
  • SwimmingSA affiliation fee
  • Website hosting
  • Trophies and medals
  • Printing/Photocopying for advertising
  • Incidental costs

For the following Club year, 1 Oct 2019 - 30 Sept 2020 , the annual Club membership fees will be:

  • $110 for 1 swimmer
  • $190 for 2 swimmers
  • $250 for 3+ swimmers

Swimming SA

SwimmingSA require annual membership fees. Please see Swimming SA Fees and Charges for details.

Swimmers under the age of 18 years are required to have a parent or guardian become members of SwimmingSA