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NORTON: 6mths to 2yrs (with parent)

  • Assisted safe entry and exit
  • Introduction of blowing bubbles
  • Assisted submersion
  • Assisted basic arm and leg movements
  • Assisted use of a floatation aid
  • Assisted float
  • Jump

PERKINS: 2 to 3yrs (with floaties - max 4 in class)

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Face in water, blowing bubbles
  • Kicking with a floatation aid
  • Star float on back
  • Kicking and Paddling (3m)
  • Jump, Paddle and Kick back to the wall
  • Submersion
  • Swim (paddle and kick) with no floats (3m)

FRASER: 3+ yrs (max 4 in class)

  • Slide in entry
  • Face in water blowing bubbles
  • Assisted kicking on front with board - face in water
  • Assisted back kick with board
  • Glide with board (3m)
  • Assisted Torpedo
  • Assisted floats
  • Submerge and retrieve an object

ROGERS: (max 4 in class)

  • Slide in entry
  • Kicking on front with board - face in water
  • Kicking on back with board
  • Torpedo (3m)
  • Front and back floats
  • Freestyle Arms (Torpedo with arms)
  • Assisted Sitting Dive
  • Retrieve object under water

KOWALSKI: (max 5 in class)

  • Slide in Entry
  • Backstroke Arms on the board
  • Freestyle Arms on board - introduce breathing
  • Sitting Dive
  • Sculling hand movement
  • Front and Back Floats
  • Duck dive and retrieve object

STOECKEL: (max 5 in class)

  • Slide in Entry
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Assisted Kneeling Dive
  • Treading water leg action - with floatation aid
  • Duck dive and retrieve object

HUNTER: (max 6 in class)

  • Freestyle - Bilateral Breathing on board
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke kick on board
  • Kneeling Dive
  • Treading water - 30-60 seconds

COWDREY: (max 6 in class)

  • Freestyle with bilateral breathing - add distance
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke Kick and Arms
  • Assisted Crouch Dive
  • Butterfly Kick
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Squad Training

After your child has successfully completed the learners program, your may consider to continue swimming with the development training squad.

The swim squads have swimmers at a range of levels and the club will always strive to reach each swimmers full potential. Interaction and transfer between squads will be encouraged and accommodated to suit family and swimmers needs.